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In order to sustain high standards of performance and quality outcomes, it is imperative that participants acquire and demonstrate writing competencies, which reflect high levels of professionalism. With appropriate training in strategies and techniques, participants will demonstrate clarity, conciseness, completeness, accuracy, and fluency in the construction of business documents, thereby contributing to organizational excellence and effectiveness. 

The primary objective of this course is to assist participants in identifying, assessing, and improving their business writing skills and to enable them to construct a variety of business documents using clear, concise, and grammatically correct English.

  • Employ the most effective writing techniques to enhance productivity and performance in the business environment
  • Apply the principles of effective business writing in analyzing and composing high quality business documents
  • Produce business documents, which reflect coherence, clarity, conciseness, accuracy, and completeness

Understanding Business Writing

  • Processes and Principles
  • Writing in organizations 
  • Writing processes
  • Setting purposes
  • Analyzing audiences
  • Principles of effective writing 

Planning and Preparing Effective Business Documents

  • The writing process
  • Organizing business documents
  • Researching business documents
  • Composing business documents
  • Revising and editing business documents
  • Grammatical features of business writing: active and passive verb forms; use of pronouns, modifiers, agreement of subject and verb; variety of sentence structure
  • Discourse features of business writing: (sentence construction; transitional expressions; effective paragraphs; elements of style and tone)

Composing Business Documents

  • The language, structure and content of memos, fax, and e-mail
  • The language, structure and content of letters
  • The language, structure and content of reports
  • The language, structure and content of proposals
  • The language, structure and content of minutes of meeting
  • Participant Manual

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