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This two (2) day programme provides an understanding of the principles and techniques of Process Mapping. The goal of the training programme is to provide attendees with the tools to enable them to develop three (3) types of process maps; the organization level relationship map, the process level cross-functional process map also known as a “swimlane diagram” and the activity level flowchart. Participants can use these techniques to assess, diagnose and improve work flows thus identifying and eliminating waste and non-productive activities. 

The course integrates all three types of maps and illustrates the insight they provide when applied as a set and individually. Guidance is given for determining when each type of map is most appropriate, which will allow participants to effectively apply all three types of maps to make work visible at the organization, process and job performance levels.

  • Select appropriate and best map type for a process diagram
  • Use process maps to illustrate the flow of work within an organisation
  • Understand what is a relationship map and how to develop one
  • Understand what is a cross-functional process map and how to develop one
  • Understand how to develop and use flowcharts
  • Improve the efficiency of processes through process mapping

  • Introduction
  • The different types of process maps
  • When to use which process map
  • Visualizing the work flow
  • How to develop and create
  • Relationship maps
  • Cross functional process maps
  • Flowcharts
  • How to utilize process to audit and improve process in your organization
  • Review
  • Participant Manual

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