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Many first time supervisors are promoted to their new position based on their technical expertise and individual performance. Their new position however requires a different skill set including the ability to manage the work of other individuals and the nurturing of an environment that enables their teams to perform effectively. 

The ability to lead does not come automatically with a promotion. Leadership principles and skills must therefore be developed. This workshop help participants to begin their leadership journey.

  • Supervisors will embrace the knowledge and skills required for effective supervisory management.
  • Understand and apply leadership skills.
  • Effectively lead by example and address the immediate needs of staff.
  • Delegate task in such a manner as to maximise efficiency and productivity.
  • Manage self-learning, as well as encourage the continued development of others.
  • Ensuring alignment of teams towards set goals through good communication practice both formal and informalImplement proper record and performance management.

Introduction to leadership 

  • Principles of effective leadership
  • Creating and nurturing an environment of trust and justice
  • Building a high performance team
  • Introduction to emotional and social intelligences 

The equipping supervisor

  • Understanding and applying situational leadership
  • The coaching process
  • Providing effective feedback

The resourceful supervisor

  • Principles of time management
  • Effective task delegation
  • When employee personal issues enter the workplace 
  • Vitality vitamins: in-house practices that energize employee service to customers and build employee morale
  • Vitality vampires: in-house practices that drain customer service capacity and damage employee morale
  • Managing self-learning and personal development

The administrative supervisor

  • Ensuring alignment between team tasks and strategic goals
  • Mastering and practicing informal and formal communication
  • Developing and maintaining an effective record management system
  • Principles and practices of effective conflict managementPerformance Management
  • Participant Manual

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