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A two-day in-depth workshop that is designed to, help participants understand the power and opportunities that effective teams are capable of. The workshop is a highly interactive and quickly engaging work simulation where “experiential” learning is the key ingredient.  People learn through their own mistakes in a harmless, uninhibited environment which allows them to assess their personal strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of their peers. In general, it has a strong focus on developing effective communication and strong   people skills.  The workshop heavily focuses on the soft skills necessary for “People learning to work with People”; the greatest challenge facing most organizations today.

To provide participants with the understanding and tools to become effective team members

  • Developing a shared Vision of effective teams
    • Purpose of teams 
    • Why teams fail 
    • Characteristics of effective teams
    • Profile of effective team leaders
    • Team stages and team development (a multi-perspective approach)
    • Towards shared vision and leadership
  • Nurturing and unleashing VITALITY in your teams
    • Types of conflict and how to deal with them
    • Team member norms, roles and responsibilities 
    • Healthy team member attitudes and practices
    • Building trust and justice in teams
    • Essential tools for effective teams 
  • Achieving team goals through collaboration and VOICE 
    • Innovating and problem-solving as a team
    • Types of teams and when to use them
    • Building collaborative teams
    • Working with diverse teams
    • Measuring team effectiveness
  • Participant Manual

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