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Many professionals struggle to make effective presentations. For some the real challenge is not what to say but how to present it. This workshop will help you design and deliver presentations that are effective, exciting and memorable. Learn to maximise your PowerPoint software and distinguish yourself as a presenter worth listening to.

  • An easy-to-follow process for turning an idea into a memorable presentation
  • Designing your own PowerPoint templates
  • Creating slides that help your audience easily follow and learn
  • PowerPoint pitfalls to avoid
  • How to use images, videos and sound for message impact
  • Tips for making presentations more interactive 
  • The proven practices of great presentersSetting up and managing multimedia equipment and environment to deliver presentations


  • From Idea to Presentation
  • Principles of Effective Design
  • The Psychology of Design – How the brain processes information
  • Essential PowerPoint Features
  • Slide Layouts
  • Designing your presentation template
  • Basic Graphic  Design – Fonts, Colours, Animations, ImagesIncorporating Video and Sound
  • PowerPoint pitfalls to avoid
  • Practicum I


  • Setting up and managing your presentation space
  • Facilitating your audience’s learning
  • Total body communication
  • Using humour wisely
  • Practices that engage
  • Telling stories
  • Setting the stage for new information
  • Transitioning between slides and key points
  • Practices of Great Presenters
  • Practicum II
  • Participant Manual
  • Presentation resources

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