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This course provides participants with a working understanding of a structured problem solving process using effective root cause analysis methodology. Participants will cover key concepts and methodologies developed and used by the quality management industry to solve complex problems that can impact upon quality, cost, customer satisfaction, asset liability and the finished product or service. Elimination of these wastes will help achieve efficient business operation.

  • Understand the problem solving cycle and how root cause analysis fits into that process.
  • Define problems and use appropriate tools and techniques to investigate and determine possible causes as well as the root cause.
  • Determine the most appropriate solution to the defined problem and test the implementation of the solution.
  • Introduction to Corrective Action vs. Correction Process¬†
  • Understanding Problem Solving as a Business Improvement Tool
  • Problem Solving Tools (Process Mapping, Cost Analysis)
  • Master the use of Problem Solving Tools and Techniques that are required for structured problem solving such as:
    • Interrelationship Digraph-Cause and Effect Diagram
    • 5 Whys-Is/Is Not Matrix
    • Pareto Analysis
    • Brainstorming
    • Affinity Diagram
    • Tree Diagram
    • Solution Effect Diagram
    • Force Field Analysis
  • Participant Manual

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